By Deborah Desilets

Thanks to the efforts of the City if Tallahassee we have The ART Alley: a wonderful “off the beaten path” piece of local history. These bricks were saved by Paul Rutovsky, Owner of The Plant, 517 W Gaines Street!!! Kudos to Paul. And used in the Art Alley renovation! The little alley that could. A must see in Tallahassee!!!

These bricks are all that remains of “the red brick road” a 1-mile section of Gaines Street that went from the Depot to the Capitol 100 years ago. This “Object Lesson” in street making paved the way for all the Red Brick Roads of Florida!!!!

Back in 1917, we would have to thank George Saxon, secretary of the Dixie Highway Association (and a great relative of Loranne Ausley) for his conviction in Good Roads: At the turn of the century he stressed the need for better roads for bicycles!!!!!!


Come hear it all, and come full circle with us, touring the area on a bicycle. Go to our link and join the fun!

The link below features an article that speaks of a part of the Dixie Highway at Jacksonville! Same bricks at The Plant.


The Dixie Highway and Old Spanish Trail conference will take place from May 18-20, 2017.