By Martha Holden, www.storypointchurch.com/care/, 678.491.6781

In the midst of my own divorce 5 years ago, I reached a point of mental exhaustion.  I was experiencing strong emotions and had many debilitating fears.  I was determined to push through this process on my own.  I finally found myself in such a state of ‘broken-ness’ that I knew I needed help to move forward.  I found a church with a DivorceCare program.

That first night I was nervous but determined.  I prayed in the parking lot that God would use this to help me set my mind straight and find the balance I was so lacking, and that He could teach me something through all of this.  I sat through the first session and was surprised to strongly relate to those speaking… I even laughed a couple of times!  That night I left the parking lot more hopeful than I had been in months… I grew to anticipate each session, confident that I would again gain strength from those around me and learn anew to trust God’s leadership through this process.

I completed the 13 week program and convinced my friend, Maria, to attend the second 13 week series with me.  We experienced a comforting atmosphere with others that “spoke the language of divorce” without judgement.  We learned Biblical principles that we could follow in trying situations and found resources to help in practical ways.  Most importantly, we felt God’s arms in the healing support of the group and grew stronger in our relationship with Him.  To this day, Maria and I both credit DivorceCare with helping us to strengthen our prayer life and steer us away from some of the (bad stereotypical) choices we’ve seen others make.  We believe this program is beneficial for all experiencing separation or divorce.

Please don’t go through your divorce alone – Grow through it with God in DivorceCare.

DivorceCare is designed as an “ER for the heart” for those experiencing separation and divorce.   This 13 week session walks you through the maze of issues you are experiencing and follows the same 3 pronged approach each week:  participants watch a 40 minute video, participate in small group sharing related to the video, and complete independent daily workbook exercises.   We added a 14th week because we know we will want to celebrate and reflect on all God has done during the program.  We would love to meet you.