HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!


HolaHolaHola Beautifuls!

By Bohemian Babushka

Como estan? Si, Babushka’s been away from writing here, but does that mean she hasn’t been working? JU SO FONII!! Por supuesto and but of course she’s been working, and working hard. Especially on herself. You’ve heard of the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”? Bueno, that’s especialmente true for BB.  And Babushka isn’t happy when life’s stagnant.

We’re now in Spring, traditionally the time for things to come out of hibernation and to renew, regresar a la vida. Beautifuls, we’re part of nature tambien and it’s time to awaken, expand y crecer.  Babushka is a firm believer of always learning, always doing something to broaden one’s horizon. These past two months have been time spent with familia and forums, doing eso mismo.

For those who don’t believe being with family is a learning experience, look at it closer.  Being with los nietos has shown BB again the joy of discovery, lollipops and bubbles.  Each day to see and feel the total amor in their eyes reminds one of the belleza que es la vida and the reasons for La Lucha.  Being with The Trio and their spouses reminds one of continuance and the need for civility. No where is there needed more the art of diplomacy and feelings of compassion than with those you know since birth.  This is the training ground of how to treat all others.

And speaking of training, let’s not forget the betterment of ourselves. Volunteer in your “dream” job/field. Read books on topics of interest, seek out groups to broaden your horizon and circle of conocimientos. Attend charlas. Networking and conferences are always maravillosos to revive one’s spirit and purpose. Babushka also finds travel a wonderful way to grow and relight that sense of purpose. So when there’s a conference out of mi ciudad? ESOOO!!! A BB TWOFER!!!

By the time you read this, Babushka will have participated in two major conferences for Latinos. BB promises to go into detalles in future articles, but for now she wants you to pensar en algo.  What sueños will you awaken this spring? How will you relight your sense of purpose? Pa’lante en la Primavera Beautifuls!!  BB2U