Hola,Hola,Hola Beautifuls!


Hola,Hola,Hola Beautifuls!

By Bohemian Babushka

May, que Maravilla! The month of flowers and the ultimate female power- motherhood.  If you recall in last month’s article, Babushka promised to share info on conferences attended, and she’ll do just that now. Quee?? These not be related? JU SO FONII!! But of course they are. Abren la mente for a little twofer BB calls the Essence of Conferences. May es de la Mujer.

In Chinese cosmology, the Yin is the feminine force, and combined with the masculine Yang make up all things. The Yang force places value on self, while the Yin force, on a deep level, is what places values on others before self.  Isn’t this the perfect definition of what motherhood is about? In this category BB also places the We All Grow conference, which just by the title shows its emphasis.

A Latina influencer/blogger focused conference (though of course all are welcomed) held in California in March, this was the #WeAllGrow Summit 2017: Energy of Sisterhood; the third conference of this type and one Babushka had been longing to attend.  Gracias to the generosity of Consumer Reports who hosted BB’s attendance, not only did I attend, but look forward to the next one! The feeling of amor, ease, y si, Sisterhood, was viable y todas vulnerable with the valor of asking true preguntas y sharing of proprietary points. Con decirte, que for the first time EVER Babushka literally let down her hair. Tal era the Yin in this evento. From the opening party, the signs/reminders of our worth and those of the Herman(a)dad, to being Warrior Princesses for ourselves and our loved ones; it was a touching and empowering three days that will forever be cherished.  Como dije en el ultimo article, we must invest in ourselves, and the #WeAllGrow summit on all levels was a lifelong memoria that will always bring me felicidad and fuerza.

The schedule https://www.weallgrowlatina.com/summit-2017-agenda

Hopefully, this will spark your own sueño de superar, porque al final, this is what we all should hope for ourselves and others.  Find your tribe, your truth, sean tierno con ustedes mismo. A little self-mothering is a good thing.  Have a Happy Mother’s Day Beautifuls and remember to give thanks to all who’ve made you feel loved along the way.