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Eliana is so sick and tired.

Eliana is so sick and tired. Mononucleosis. Eliana is a young adolescent of 14 years. She comes home one day complaining to her parents that...

Anemia – Fatigue Why is Linda is tired?

Why is Linda is tired? Anemia! Last month we introduced Fatigue. Many diseases cause Fatigue. These include anemia. Meet Linda a 24-year-old who feels tired all the time. She...

I Get So Tired!

I Get So Tired! Can you be the detective? We shall see. In the next few months we will discuss four patients. Let me introduce...

My Joints hurt. What’s wrong with Beatrice?

My Joints hurt. What's wrong with Beatrice? Beatrice came to the clinic complaining that over last 5 days she has had fatigue, fever, and joint pain. She...

The flu

The flu By Marcos Otero Oh Lord! How fast this year has gone! Fall is here and with it comes the season of colds and flu. That...

Diabetes Pt 3 Diabetic Symptoms

Previously we discussed the statistics, definition and types of diabetes. This month we will cover the symptoms. Diabetes has many symptoms but these are not...

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