The Rainbow in Your Eyes

rainbow in your eyes

The Rainbow in Your Eyes

by María Elena Centeno, Motivational Trainer

There are those who live being what they want to be, others being what others want them to be, others aren’t what they want to be, but they feel fine. But are they happy? Maybe…

All depends on the crystal you are looking through, the emotion you feel, and the reaction you show.

It is wonderful to experience having a rainbow in our eyes, sense life as colors, and in black and white, only when it is necessary; to experience the correct emotion at the right moment. That’s what the rainbow in your eyes means.

From that rainbow hang feelings, emotions and reactions, meanings and misunderstandings, happiness and suffering, life and death for every human being, with or without vision, coming from wherever: the North or the Old Continent; all of us have the rainbow in our eyes.

What does it mean to be Hispanic or not? A lot, a little, or nothing. And that is because we are people full of virtues and defects that make up a perfect combination to coexist in the same space, knowing our differences. But it has been proven that we can survive them and move to reach a common objective that will benefit everybody. No matter what that objective is called… and without losing sight of our purpose, and without dodging the essence of our being.

It is about recognizing each other, respecting each other, and remembering that we are tiny particles that make up a whole… for each other… in real time… in the present time.

I invite you to recall the many shades of the rainbow in your eyes; recall that situations have many edges; life is a double sided coin that you can only see, observe, duplicate, understand, comprehend, and apply.

To live is for me the most fascinating game that day after day I want to play. Smile.