By Leiner E. Escárraga R.

 The indigenous ethnos Wayuu is called Nation Wayuu because this is the most extensive ethnos in the Colombian territory, located to the north of the Department of the Guajira, where the inspiration is born of who we are and what we represent.

We are beautiful landscapes, culture, music, tradition, and a warm and friendly community.

Among the cultural and craft distinctions of our ethnic group stands the Wayuu handbag, which has been the driving force behind the economic support of many families.

We, as an ethnicity, express and show our dreams in colorful shapes that give life to each bag or “mochila”. For this reason, each pattern in each piece is unrepeatable and unique.

Each “mochila” takes approximately 20 to 25 days to be completed, handmade by our artisans who are part of the largest indigenous ethnic group in Colombia: the WAYUU culture.

Our weaving culture is transmitted from generation to generation; our “mochilas” are made with discipline and patience; as our mothers, aunts and grandmothers always taught us when they said,  “la mochila debe ser hermosa” (the mochila must be beautiful); and when we smirked or complained for such a demand, they used to remind us that if we did not feel the weaving in our blood, then it was not worth it finishing it.

By wearing this piece, you wear more than a clothing item, more than an article or an accessory. In it, you carry dreams woven in colors, each artisan’s love for the weaving. It carries salt from the Manaure’s dunes and sand from our desert.

With your purchase, you are not only contributing to each family and the development of its art, but also, you are helping us to help them. Part of the obtained resources is invested in improving, strengthening and projecting the WAYUU community in their social, health and educational level.

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