What Do You Need to Have a Business?

Left: Reydel Hernandez, right: Eliseo Gutierrez

What Do You Need to Have a Business?

 By Reydel Hernandez, seguromedicopr@gmail.com, www.seguromedicopr.com

Translated by:  Lessie Correa

“Vision and persistence, the capital is not even important.” says Eliseo Gutiérrez.

Eliseo Gutiérrez is a person with agile movements and clever thoughts and expressions. A dreamer worthy of admiration, he realized his dream to establish his own restaurant about 20 years ago. A man with a clear and determined vision, which has helped him reach the success demonstrated by his restaurants. Yes, there are now four established restaurants, all of them high quality and very successful. We are talking about Eliseo, owner of Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant.

Pepito’s started providing his excellent service in 2000 at his original site in Destin, FL. Right now, there are three more sites in Niceville, Miramar and Fort Walton Beach. Four restaurants where excellent and high quality Mexican food is served.

At Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant you feel like its whole staff is willing to provide you with a pleasant experience. Every employee you come across tries to make you feel comfortable. You may be there at a business meeting, or with family members, or by yourself enjoying one of Pepito’s special offerings: their delicious Margaritas or my favorite: shrimp cocktail (exquisite). Whatever the occasion, the satisfaction of its guests is a definite priority at Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant.

How is this accomplished? It is done thanks to the dedication to details and the enthusiasm each employee demonstrates, from the person who greets you to the chef. An important detail to emphasize is that some of Pepito’s employees have been there from its very beginning. The key to this ideal combination is to always make a difference, take care of your employees and continue to evolve.

Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant today makes the difference and stands as an example of what it means to care for your employees. Pepito’s difference is not only in the flavor of its dishes, it also leads the way by providing their full-time employees an excellent benefits package.  This package includes: Medical, Dental and Visual Plans. Moreover, it provides access to accident insurance; an additional life insurance, in case of an accident, totally paid by Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant.

I am extremely honored to be the agent that accomplished this project, covering all bases and continuing my service nowadays. I am thankful to its General Manager Diyana Nikolova, a fundamental piece to this success.

Moreover, I am also thankful for the opportunity to write this article and in a small way honor a leader like Eliseo Gutiérrez who is able to share his positivity and energetic wellbeing every time I have spoken to him. He always lets you know that in this life when you have the desire, discipline, and a clear vision of what you strive for, it is possible to reach that destination.